Maybe it's happened to you. You find out when tickets go on sale for your favorite performer - you call Ticketmaster the exact instant the tickets are supposed to go on sale - the line is busy, and by the time you get through 15 or 20 minutes later the concert is sold out.

One Jersey Congressman says he's fed up with the situation, and changes need to be made.

Congressman Bill Pascrell is reintroducing the Better Oversight of Secondary Sales and Accountability in Concert Ticketing - known as the BOSS ACT.

During a new conference Pascrell said the way things are right now the average person doesn't have a chance to make a legitimate purchase, because "as soon as they open up the gates and sell the tickets electronically - they're gone!"

He says this is happening, "because the secondary market- legalized scalping- is alive and well - not only in New Jersey, but throughout the country…they want to have a monopolistic approach - to selling concert tickets - to fans who know they're getting ripped off…some people may think it's fine to sell in demand concert tickets for10 thousand a pop, but not at the expense of the average little guy- no I say to that, no."

Pascrell says the BOSS ACT would make it a crime to use computer software to circumvent the security features of a ticket selling website or flood it with requests- it would create a task force at the Department of Justice dedicated to investigating these crimes and also it would force groups like Ticketmaster to disclose "how many tickets will be available when they go on sale- and how many tickets you've taken out of the box and given it to somebody else in order to sell for a bigger profit- and how much you're getting back for that."

He adds Jersey is a very big concert state "and that's how it should be - we want people to spend money, we want people to make money, we want people to have a profit- but not at the expense of the little guy…the more we have no oversight over this matter, the more people are going to get ripped off, the more complaints we get - I mean the complaints continue…right now there is no screening, oversight, regulation whatsoever…things have to change…I really believe that many of these entertainers are in cahoots - with the Ticketmasters of the world and the promoters -- I'm not happy about this."