🚨 Homeowners in Absecon & Galloway reported dye dropped into their pool via drone

🚨 The dye used create a fluorescent color used in marine rescues

🚨 Several pools were damaged by the dye

ABSECON — A man who police say "terrorized" homeowners and businesses by using a drone to dump dye into several outdoor swimming pools was charged and arrested at his business Friday.

The first incident was reported on Aug. 13 by a homeowner on Upland Avenue who said a drone hovering over their pool dropped a substance that turned the water an "alarming shade of green," according to Absecon police.

The dye dropped into the pool at the Quality Inn in Galloway was sea dye, which is used by sea rescue services and takes on a fluorescent color. It damaged the concrete base of the pool and several other of the targets, according to police.

The drone took flight again Friday over the Quality Inn and with help from the FAA, New Jersey State Police and Galloway Township Police, the drone's flight was tracked back to Comfort Solutions Heating and Cooling, a business located at 345 E. White Horse Pike in Galloway Township.

Navy Sea King helicopter approaches a BQM-34-S Firebee drone that released a sea dye marker.
Navy Sea King helicopter approaches a BQM-34-S Firebee drone that released a sea dye marker. (U.S. Navy photo)

Drone tracked back to a business

The owner of the business, Patrick Spina 4th, 45, of Absecon, was charged with multiple counts of criminal mischief. He was released on a summons pending his first court appearance.

Absecon police asked anyone who may have had dye dropped in their pool to contact their local police.

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