You want to hit the beach with the family, but you're dreading the walk from the car to your spot on the sand with 20 things in tow.

That's likely a familiar feeling for many folks in New Jersey, and a business based out of Ocean City wants to ease your stress — for a fee.

Marking its 10th year in business, Beach Caddy has expanded its beach services to three new towns for 2024, according to a report by 6ABC.

With a booking, your "beach caddy" handles the heavy lifting to and from your vehicle or home. They'll also set up the bigger items, like umbrellas and chairs, and break them down at the end of your beach day.

The 2024 expansion brings the business to Longport, Margate, and Ventnor, according to the 6ABC report. The beach services are already available in Ocean City and Sea Isle City.

One catch: you can't book the service for just one day. Prices vary from town to town, and depending on the town, you can book the service for two or three days, or an entire week.

Beach Caddy also has a presence in Avalon, Stone Harbor, and Wildwood, but only for folks who want bellhop service to move in and/or out of their vacation spot. The bellhop service is available in all eight shore towns that Beach Caddy covers.

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