Interested in photography and kind of know how to work a camera? This competition may be for you.

Project Home Cranford, a nonprofit organization whose funds support families in the face of homelessness is looking for photo submissions of Cranford’s most hidden gems.

In terms of the photo submission itself, there are a few guidelines. The most important rule is that photographs must be taken in Cranford and cannot include people, faces or business names. The goal of these photographs is to shed light on the town of Cranford itself rather than promoting retail shops and random locals.

It’s really easy to enter this competition, since you can use a photo taken at any point in time. It just has to have been captured by whomever is entering the competition.

Once the April 9 submission deadline rolls around, each photo will be posted on social media, which is when the real competition begins. The top 5 most liked photos will be made into notecards, and then sold by Project Home Cranford to raise money for Cranford Family Care.

The winning photographers will be given a copy of their work framed in addition to their work being displayed in the Artist Framer’s window in downtown Cranford.

This is an amazing opportunity to get your work out in the open if you are an aspiring photographer, and also a great way to spread love for the city of Cranford. So go submit your image for a chance to not only be featured on social media but to take part in an initiative that supports an important cause.

Enter here!

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