The battle to defeat the epidemic of addiction continues. Every day, there are families who are struggling to find help with their siblings, friends and children overcoming the often deadly addiction to opioids.

Government has failed over the years to change the fact that people are dying. Despite implementing life-saving programs like the distribution of narcan in NJ to first responders beginning in 2014, overdose deaths continue to rise.

Beyond government, there are several organizations fighting hard, intervening and helping addicts and families, one victim at a time. Daniel Regan and his mom Lynn Regan co-founded an organization called CFC Loud N Clear. Daniel and CFC's Program Coordinator, Jay Rivera, joined me in studio on Wednesday morning. Daniel spoke about his journey overcoming and defeating addiction and the fact that his organization has a successful recovery record of 90+% after FIVE YEARS. Jay filled us in on the big annual event coming up on March 9th. That Friday, I'll be joined by my podcast co-host, Jessica Nutt, to co-host the Winter Gala. We're looking forward to another huge success as we had during the Summer event "Faux-Chella/Rock-the-Farm" and at last year's winter extravaganza the "British Invasion" ball!

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