I don't use social media but I'm grateful for those who do. I've heard from so many people that so many of our listeners posted nice things in my absence and wish me a speedy recovery.

Others have taken a sick twisted pleasure in the fact that I may have COVID-19 because I was not vaccinated. Sorry to disappoint those people. I've tested negative twice for COVID-19.

Right now, I wish it was COVID. I have family and friends who got it recently. Some got therapeutics that helped them get better in 24 to 48 hours, and some just stayed in bed for four or five days and pulled out of it fine.

I remember early on in the pandemic being chastised by people for comparing it to the flu. They were right. The flu feels far worse than the current iteration of COVID-19. I've spoken to people who've had both and they've drawn the same conclusion.

One of my friends is an oncology nurse at a major medical facility in New Jersey. Of course, she was double vaccinated but still got COVID-19. She suffered for almost two weeks before reaching out to an online medical group that prescribed her a therapeutic that works. It's not one of the newer ones that no one can find yet. It was one of the very cheap effective drugs that have helped so many people.

She is in her early 30s and in very good health. She felt relief within one day. That left her feeling angry and disillusioned about our healthcare system and our public health officials who've been denying that there are things that work.

Unfortunately, there is nothing that works so well on the flu unless you catch it very early and then Tamiflu seems to have some efficacy.

I keep hoping the next day is better. Hopefully soon. Thank you!

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