Well, it happened, New Jersey. We just had the opportunity to correct this problem and get out of the past but chose not to.

Now yes, there are certainly many things that make us tough as nails in this state. Those from out of state know there's no arguing with someone from New Jersey.

And there are many things that make us great. Plus, the many debates we'll always have such as the proper name for Pork Roll (notice I used the proper name of this fine Jersey product).

But for as tough and great as we'd like to think we are, there is one area we fall short. Very, very short.

I'll be fair on this point, however. We do use one of the strengths that make us tough in the first place by passionately arguing for what we want. Unfortunately, our argument for this is what makes us look kinda sad to anyone else not from around here.

Confused guy

Confused yet? Let's dive into it. Now remember as you read this, we're supposed to be tough. So don't get insulted or upset as you'll only make the case of not being tough that much stronger.

New Jersey just proved we're not as tough as we claim to be

Our argument to have this really doesn't help our image as being tough. Quite the opposite.

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