Now that we have to deal with this 23 cent a gallon gas tax, wouldn't it be great if we had the option of pumping it ourselves? I know it's a "Jersey" thing that we don't pump our own gas, but I really don't see why we can't have the option. In fact, pumping your own gas could actually save you money! You KNOW how you feel about saving money!

Now I know "Jersey girls don't pump their own gas," and they wouldn't have to if you change the law to always allow for at least one full service island. But it's not fair to those who need to get in and out to be forced to wait for the attendant to get to us while staring at islands surrounded by orange cones which generate no speed for the consumer nor revenue for the owner.

As for the possibility of the attendant losing his/her job, they wouldn't be the first to deal with having their position eliminated. They could either move inside and sell convenience items or go find a better job.

As far as Senate President Steve Sweeney's mandate that he will oppose it, aren't you getting sick of hearing from this guy? It shouldn't be what the Senate President wants, it should be what we want, especially if we can have it both ways.

It was Sweeney and the other New Jersey lawmakers who got us into this gas tax mess. If there's a way to not only cut it down and speed our ride up in the process, they owe it to us to let us do it!

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