NEWARK — A man reported being carjacked by another male posing as a police officer early one Saturday this month, as the man's wife was then held at gunpoint inside their home, according to authorities.

Newark Public Safety Director Brian O’Hara said the city resident was exiting his car near his home in the area of Chambers Street and Ferry Street around 2:45 a.m. on Oct. 16, when he was robbed by two men — one was wearing a vest with "police" written on it.

The man was forced into a second vehicle while the duo then went into his house, O'Hara said.

The homeowner was driven off and eventually let out of the vehicle near Route 21 and Elm Street, he said.

Attacks caught on video

RLS Metro Breaking News reported that there is video surveillance footage showing the entire incident.

Video shows the man being handcuffed inside a car with an emergency light on the dashboard, as he is driven down the street while one of the other men uses his house key to enter, according to the report.

The footage shows one of the men who entered the house, pointing a gun at the man's wife. 

He ransacks the home and demands cash and other valuables while threatening her life, according to the RLS report, before leaving the house after about 20 minutes.

The man's daughter then picked him up after he was let out of the suspects' vehicle, the same RLS report said.

Investigation into the incident remains active, according to O'Hara.

As of Monday, there were no further details.

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