You’ll wait longer to get through the TSA screening at Newark Liberty Airport than at any other airport in the US.

The website used data directly from the TSA to rank the 25 busiest American airports. At over 23 minutes, Newark’s wait time was more than twice that of the airport that had the shortest wait time, Salt Lake City (9 minutes).

Rounding out the top five with the shortest screening time are Washington Dulles, Boston Logan, Minneapolis/St. Paul, and Charlotte Douglas. The other airports you’re going to want to avoid are Houston George Bush, Miami, Baltimore-Washington, and Las Vegas McCarran. The TSA also breaks down the specific times that are the best and worst; at Newark, the worst is Monday between 12-1 PM when you’ll wait an average of 60 minutes and the best is Friday at 10-11 PM when you’ll only take 15 minutes to get through security.

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