An AirHelp study recently ranked Newark Liberty International Airport as the worst in the U.S. and near the worst in all the world. Flying is hell, especially if your tarmac, gate or concourse is at Newark. We all have our horror stories.

Yet imagine being an innocent passenger on Pakistan International Airlines flight 702 the other day. While everyone was on board on the tarmac waiting to takeoff from Manchester, UK to Islamabad, Pakistan, someone decided to get up and use the bathroom. The problem was this moron decided the emergency exit door must have been the door to the bathroom. Never stopping to question why they would make a bathroom door so very difficult to open, this dope went right ahead opening the emergency door, sending the inflatable slide into action and bringing everything to a grinding halt.

Forty passengers had to get off the plane. You can bet things had to be investigated in case of foul play. The flight was delayed for seven hours over this.

While traveling out of New Jersey through the country’s worst airport is seldom fun, it’s safe to say you never had this experience.

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