✈️ The United flight was taken a 'short distance' from a terminal at Newark Liberty

✈️ A 'passenger disturbance’ caused a Swiss Airlines flight to return to Newark

✈️ Turbulence forced a Newark-bound plane from Israel to land in New York State


A plane from London that declared an emergency before landing Monday night was the third flight through Newark within the past five days to encounter a serious issue.

A threat written on the mirror of United flight 921 from London's Heathrow Airport forced the pilot to declare an emergency when it entered U.S. airspace, according to a statement from United Airlines.

The Boeing 767 landed a "short distance" from the terminal around 8:20 p.m where passengers were able to exit the plane before it was checked by Port Authority police.

The threat turned out to be non-credible, according to the airline. The nature of the threat was not disclosed.

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Flight path of Swissair #19 3/31/24
Flight path of Swissair #19 3/31/24 (FlightAware,com)

Flight returns to Newark an hour after takeoff

A "passenger disturbance" was to blame for a Swiss Airlines flight to Zurich returning to Newark Liberty on Sunday night an hour after takeoff, according to the FAA. The flight path showed the Airbus A330 with 236 passengers and 13 crew was over southwestern Connecticut when it turned around.

Swiss Airlines told NJ.com that a passenger "behaved abusively towards the crew.”  The airline on Tuesday morning did not respond to New Jersey 101.5's request for more information.

Port Authority police arrested New Jersey resident Jan A. Daeninck and charged him with interference with transportation and assault. He was released with a court desk appearance. His place of residence was not disclosed.

High winds and turbulence on Friday forced a United Airlines flight from Israel to be diverted from its destination of Newark Liberty to Stewart International Airport in New Windsor, New York, authorities said. Approximately 200 passengers were onboard, Orange County Executive Steven M. Neuhaus said.

Some were taken to hospitals for treatment while others were taken via bus to Newark. Wind shear specifically was to blame for the last minute aborted landing, which turned the flight into a roller coaster-like ride, according to ABC 7 Eyewitness News.

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