WILDWOOD — New video footage of Emily Weinman's Memorial Day weekend arrest on the beach doesn't appear to shed new light on what happened.

The footage posted by NJ.com  was from a patrol car that had been sent to pick up Weinman, who had been punched and arrested by cops.

The violent arrest was captured by a bystander's camera as well as the officer's bodycam. While the city has released video from the punching officer's camera, officials have not released video from other officers' cameras, which could show different angles of the arrest.

The confrontation raised questions about police tactics and sparked debate about whether the officers as well as the 20-year-old Philadelphia mother acted appropriately or legally.

Weinman has been charged with aggravated assault on police and spitting at them.

The latest video, which is shot from a police vehicle's dashcam, shows three officers escorting Weinman off the beach and to the car with her arms cuffed behind her back. As they approach the car, Weinman curses at the officer.

The video continues during the ride to the police station.

Story continues below the video

The officer asks her age, to which she replies, "none of your business."

"I'm not talking to you (bleep) cops. Who hires (bleep) cops to put their hands on people? (Bleep) I'm a (bleep) woman. I'm a woman," she shouts at the officer, who tells her that he wasn't involved in her arrest.

"It doesn't matter! You're one of them. You're not trusted," she says.

"All I can tell you is if we don't get your information you're going to jail," the officer tells her.

"Do what you (bleep) gotta do," Weinman replies. "You're never going to get my information. I wasn't underage drinking at all. They got that on the breathalyzer. Nothing came up."

Weinman threatens to press charges against police, the last words she speaks on the video.

The rest of the ride is uneventful except for the officer stopping to tell some bicyclists riding in the middle of the street that they can't block traffic.

Cape May County Prosecutor Jeffrey Sutherland announced the officers involved in the incident will not face criminal charges but could face discipline by Wildwood police. Wildwood's mayor has publicly defended the actions of the officers.

Weinman made several media appearances during the week with her attorney, Stephen Dicht, and said she is sorry the situation happened but said on ABC's "Good Morning America" that "I don't owe them an apology at all."

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