The cicadas are may be on the way out, but here comes the Asian tiger mosquito.

Flickr User naturegirl 78
Flickr User naturegirl 78

"It feeds very readily on humans. It's a very aggressive biter, and interestingly enough, it kind of goes for the ankles, or if you happen to be out walking a dog, it'll go for your dog," says Dr. Claudia O'Malley, the Principal Biologist of the State Office of Mosquito Control Coordination.

She says the Asian tiger has been around for about 20 years, and it can transmit West Nile virus and other diseases.

"I wouldn't want to stir up too much panic over the Asian tiger mosquito," she says, "but it's a huge problem when it comes to breeding. It will utilize virtually any kind of a container - even something as small as a bottle cap that's been thrown out and allowed to collect water."

She also points out if you have something that's covered with a tarp and the tarp doesn't stay taut and it develops wrinkles and crevasses, then it rains and holds water, that could become a mosquito breeding ground.

"There are some mosquitoes that are really shy and secretive - they're not really aggressive - this one, she's quite aggressive," says O'Malley. "You can swat her away and she'll just keep on coming back and coming back and trying to get a blood meal. It's a bit concern in terms of trying to contain it, because it's virtually an impossible task."

She recommends the use of repellant and long sleeves, to keep the Asian tiger mosquito from biting you.



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