Two weekends ago, I asked you if you remembered the cassette (click here).

This "still in cellophane" Bruce cassette inspires me, daily, in my home studio. (Craig Allen photo).

Cassettes sounded great in your "Walkman." I had the Panasonic version of the Sony Walkman, in the late 80's. It wasn't cheap, but it cost less than its inspiration.

Music to go! (Craig Allen photo).

Your "boombox" played (and recorded) cassettes.

Of course, there was a cassette player as part of the AM/FM radio in your car, in the "Best Decade."

Would you believe, the cassette actually cost more than the vinyl album at the "Record Store."

But, then, the compact disc replaced the cassette...and mp3 and WAV files (in the cloud)...replaced the compact disc.

You don't see a cassette deck very often anymore. (Craig Allen photo).

I've been inspired to plug in my cassette deck lately...

How did the Knack's biggest hit end up on side 2? (Craig Allen photo).

...and play some of New Jersey's Greatest Hits from analog tape.

I have...boxes...of, let's take another dive into old technology, for more of the HITS we love:

"Get The Knack"...I GOT it on cassette. (Craig Allen photo).

My Sharona  #1 (6 weeks)/1979.

Billy will be back at MSG on February 21st. (Craig Allen photo).

Uptown Girl  #3/1983.

It's NOT playing off cassette...ON THE AIR. (Craig Allen photo).

Tell Her About It  #1/1983.

"Off The Wall" made "Thriller" possible. (Craig Allen photo).

Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough  #1/1979.

A sign on a sewing machine said it was "AC/DC" powered. (Craig Allen photo).

You Shook Me All Night Long  #35/1980.

Rock On, Steve Perry. (Craig Allen photo).

Separate Ways  #8/1983.

Faithfully  #12/1983.

Apparently, "No Cassette Case Required." (Craig Allen photo).

Sussudio  #1/1985.

This is FUN.

Long live "New Jersey's Greatest Hits"...on cassette.

Don't worry.

I've got plenty more.