Remember the cassette?

"Movin' Out" is song one, on the cassette. (Craig Allen photo).

Or as my niece and nephew call them: "You mean those square things?"

Billy, Side 2. (Craig Allen photo).

Rectangular, actually.

Cassettes sounded great in your "Walkman." I had the Panasonic version of the Sony Walkman, in the late 80's. It wasn't cheap, but it cost less than its inspiration.

And, there was a cassette player as part of the AM/FM radio in your car, in the "Best Decade."

Believe it or not, the cassette cost more than the vinyl album at the "Record Store."

Then, the compact disc replaced the cassette...and mp3 and WAV files (in the cloud)...replaced the compact disc.

Def Lep in the cassette deck. (Craig Allen photo).

I haven't forgotten the cassette...and I still have a working cassette deck (above) to keep the "analog" music alive.

And...boxes of cassettes...that "represent" the music you hear on the weekends on New Jersey 101.5.

What's with the UPC code on the front? It's usually on the back. (Craig Allen photo).

Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)  #17/1978.

Only The Good Die Young  #24/1978.

Party on, with Prince Roger Nelson. (Craig Allen photo).

1999  #12/1983.

Little Red Corvette  #6/1983.

You recognize this album cover...on cassette cover. (Craig Allen photo).

Wanna Be Startin' Something  #5/1983.

Thriller  #4/1984.

Beat It  #1/1983.

Billie Jean  #1/1983.

Unusual? Not anymore. (Craig Allen photo).

Girls Just Want To Have Fun  #2/1984.

Stand By, for Stevie...on cassette.  (Craig Allen photo).

Stand Back  #5/1983.

"Hooter" is a nickname for the "melodica," which the band features. (Craig Allen photo).

And We Danced  #21/1985.

Congratulations to the Hooters, who got their star on the "Philadelphia Walk Of Fame" last fall.

Long live "New Jersey's Greatest Hits"...on cassette.

Don't worry.

I've got plenty more.