USA Today just did a story of the drunkest town in every state and Ocean City topped the list for New Jersey.

Ocean City is one of a handful of "dry towns" in New Jersey, meaning you can't buy alcohol in town. That's one reason Circle Liquors on the traffic circle in Somers Point just before the bridge into town is one of the busiest businesses in the area.

Five years ago, the Methodist founded town voted down a proposal to allow restaurants even allow customers bring their own to dinner. Another shining example of the more you prohibit something, the more people seem to abuse it. In my several trips to Europe, where either the drinking age is non-existent or 18, there didn't seem to be the youth binge drinking problem we have here in the U.S.

The city father's claim the lack of bars and liquor stores contributes to the squeaky clean image that makes Ocean City New Jersey's favorite family resort. It does have a great atmosphere for young children and when my kids were little that was our favorite spot for a day or week-long vacation. However if you don't have young kids, there's not a whole lot to do but sit home and drink.

Some of the stats in the story are misleading. Like usually the alcohol abuse happens in wealthier towns and the median income for Ocean City is $62,500 and the college degree rate is lower than the usual for a heavy drinking town. But a large percentage of homeowners there are out-of-towners, so the assumptions are flawed.

Just goes to show, if you treat the citizens like children, you get more childish behavior. But the pious Christian city fathers know best. It's the drunkest town in the state, but they don't allow bars. Hahahahaha!

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