Last week the state of New Jersey's Department of Environmental Protection proposed we adopt the California Advanced Clean Cars II rule. This would mandate that all auto sales in the state of New Jersey will be EVs by the year 2035.

Of course, by then, Phil Murphy will be long gone. He'll either have reached his goal of higher office, which was the whole point of buying the governor's office here, or retire to his villa in Italy.

Either way, we'll be stuck with the consequences.

A public hearing will be held on Sept. 21 at 9:30 a.m. for auto dealers and other people whose livelihood depends on the auto industry.

Also, average people should be up in arms as well. Here's what the president of NJ CAR, Jim Appleton, had to say when the announcement was made last week.

The California Advanced Clean Car II (ACCII) Rule, proposed today by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), would allow only electric vehicles (EVs) to be available for sale in New Jersey by 2035. New Jersey's neighborhood new car and truck dealers oppose this extreme government mandate because it will limit consumer choice and threatens to make new cars unaffordable for working and middle-class families in New Jersey. 

You can read more on that here.

All true but how about some practical experience from some EV owners? Like the Canadian man who was thrilled with his purchase of a brand-new electric Ford F-150 Lightning pick-up truck for $85,000 in January.

He wanted to do the "responsible citizen" thing by buying the EV. When he decided to take a long trip through the United States, he ended up renting a gas-powered Toyota 4Runner to complete his long family vacation.

The infrastructure and the support mechanisms aren't anywhere near ready for any rapid transition or government mandate. That doesn't matter to power-hungry, ambition-blind "progressives" like Murphy and his ilk.

The climate crazies and their high priests in government don't care about the impact on average peoples' lives. No matter what the cost or negative effect it has on you, they will press on with their reckless insane agenda. You can leave your comments here.

Be forceful but be polite.

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