🍀The first parades are scheduled for Saturday, March 2

🍀The last will happen on Saturday, March 23

The organizers of New Jersey St. Patrick's Day parades are hoping they'll finally have the luck of the Irish after a difficult couple of years.

After parades canceled by COVID-19 pandemic restrictions got back on their feet they had to deal with cold, wintry weather in 2023 that forced their postponement. The Ocean County St. Patrick's Day parade wasn't held until April 1 because of wintry weather.

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Among the first parades of the season is the Belmar/Lake Como parade scheduled to step off for its 51st time on Sunday, March 3.

Parade chairman Chip Cavanaugh told New Jersey 101.5 that the parades continue to be popular because if the weather holds it's an early start to spring.

"People can look forward to the summer if it's been a long cold, snowy winter. They want to kind of get out. I've always noticed that it seems like if we get a really warm day it's really packed down here," Cavanaugh said.

New Jersey's St. Patrick's Day Parades 2024 (by date)

It's the marching of the green as St. Patrick's Day parades step off all over New Jersey. Dates are subject to change without notice.

Gallery Credit: Dan Alexander

Jen Ursillo contributed to this report

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