What are the chances that I would find myself behind a running dog in the middle of the road in a slow speed chase not once, but twice?!? A few weeks ago I reported on my adventure in a storm chasing a dog in my jeep ultimately ending up with the Lawrence Township Police coming in to save the day.

After the storm, it happened again. Another dog running in the middle of the road. Thankfully, I've always got my camera at the ready!

Of course, my road adventure started on Friday night during the storm when I was blocked from heading home by a tree that came crashing down across the road.

You've heard me talk about the need to train new drivers to be able to handle distractions and bad weather. Kids should learn to drive under slightly adverse conditions for sure. One driver instructor took this to the extreme on Friday night with a students on the road in the middle of the storm. At first I thought, yikes, that's a bit much, but then realized that this kid may end up being one of the best drivers in the state someday! Congrats to the student for being able to handle the roadways and for the instructor for clearly taking a risk that may pay off big. Seriously, they gotta learn sometime. #TeachDistractedDriving #LearnBetterThroughAdversity

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