Whether it's Narcan or abortion, the people who follow the rules and take responsibility for their actions are tired of paying for other people's poor mistakes.

Gov. Murphy has proposed that we come up with money to pay for abortions. It’s bad enough for those who don’t believe in abortion that we allow it in the state up until nine months and the point of birth, but this is a bridge too far.

Catholic Bishops have spoken out against it, and whether you are religious or not or believe in abortion up until birth or not, we should not be paying for people's poor choices.

Many of the women seeking an abortion already have a child or two and may be in a relationship but say they just can’t afford to have another child. I believe that’s a decision between her, her family and her conscience.

But why in the world should people who follow the rules and take responsibility for their actions have to pay for someone’s poor choice or poor timing.

People who follow the rules are tired of paying for people's poor life choices. It is not the role of government to take care of everyone’s problems. If politicians wanted to do that they should’ve gone into the ministry with the clergy or the rabbinical vocation.

If you need Narcan I hope you get it quickly. And I hope you, your insurance or your family paid for it. Thank God we have a drug that miraculously brings you back from the point of death from overdose. But you made the choice to take drugs.

There is currently a push to make Narcan free. I realize it’s an excruciating process to get off drugs but the more we coddle and enable people in their struggle, the more it continues.

I don’t want to see abortions prohibited in New Jersey and most voters agree with that. I also feel arresting adults for drug use is pointless, but if you make the choice to have unprotected sex whether you’re married or not or take drugs and become an addict, that’s on you.

We are doomed as a society if we continue to reward or encourage irresponsible behavior. We may already be too far down that road in New Jersey.

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