We all have some kind of pride in our Garden State. Whether it's the beaches, the food, the diversity, or the tenacity of the people. New Jersey is a unique and proud state ... for the most part.

One of our unique distinctions is that we are the only state that prohibits pumping your own gas.

The most recent effort to allow people the option or choice to pump their own gas was denied even a vote by your representatives. The new Senate president of New Jersey, Nick Scutari, just like his predecessor Steve Sweeney, is denying your representatives to even vote on whether or not to allow you to choose to do what all of the 49 other states have been doing for years without a problem.

He cited polling that indicates people don't want to pump their own gas.

The poll probably didn't ask, "Would you mind if others had the choice to pump their own gas?" That would be a more accurate indication as to whether we should allow people to do what everyone else in the world does every day.

Whether New Jersey politicians are afraid of implementing any kind of change that might upset a few people for a few minutes or there's some other insidious motive behind denying people a choice, we don't know.

This past weekend while on a trip to Florida and Georgia, we had to stop and get gas. I hadn't done it in a few years, but it's easier than pouring your own fountain soda at Wawa. Really! We were in and out and there were no orange cones blocking access to any of the pumps due to understaffing.

Wow, what an amazing sight.

Pumping your own gas with Dennis Malloy

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