They’re called “digital nomads;” people who aren’t tethered to one location. In other words, remote workers.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of remote work and digital nomadism, New Jersey stands out as the second-best U.S. state to be a digital nomad, according to a comprehensive index that considers various factors affecting the lifestyle of those working and traveling on the go.

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The Digital Nomad Index Score, developed by global accommodation experts at Blue Pillow reveals the top ten optimal destinations for those seeking a balance between work, lifestyle, and opportunity. The index ranks states based on the following range of factors affecting digital nomads' daily lives:

⚫ Average Daily High Temp Difference From Ideal Temperature (72F)

⚫ Average Off-Premises Food & Beverage Consumption

⚫ Average Gasoline & Energy Goods Consumption

⚫ Violent Crime Rate Per 100k

⚫ Property Crime Rate Per 100k

⚫ No. Computer Repair Firms

⚫ No. Computer Repair Employment

⚫ No. Coworking Spaces

⚫ No. Free WiFi Hotspots

⚫ Annual Road Fatalities Per Billion Vehicle Miles (2017-2021)

⚫ % of Workforce Working From Home

⚫ Air Quality Index (Higher = Worse)

⚫ State & National Park Coverage (sq. mi.)

Fabio Principe
Fabio Principe

New Jersey trails only Massachusetts according to the index. From the report:

Key factors contributing to New Jersey's second-place ranking include the presence of 192 computer repair firms and 1,480 computer repair employment opportunities. The state also provides 161 coworking spaces and 11,658 free WiFi hotspots, making remote work a seamless experience for its residents and visitors. Furthermore, New Jersey boasts a safety record with a relatively low violent crime rate of 206.7 per 100,000 residents and a property crime rate of 1,334.3 per 100,000 residents, creating a secure environment for digital nomads to live and work.

So, it turns out, when it comes to work/life balance, New Jersey is near the top.

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