As of August 2021, the rankings of towns by population have seen a big shift.

Prior to the census data being released, there were two towns in Camden County vying for the title of "smallest town in New Jersey" by population. Well, there is a new winner and it's up in Sussex County, in the very corner of the state.

Walpack Township now holds the top spot with 7 people, a decline of 56.2% from the 2010 census with then counted 16 residents.

Take a look around the town in the video below, shot by YouTuber Alexander Lukyanov.

The town saw a mass exodus when a dam was proposed back in 1955 that would have flooded the area with a 40-mile-long lake.

Many residents were forced out by eminent domain, but the dam was never built. Still from that time on, the town has seen a steady decline in population, probably fearing at some point the government might decide at any time to go ahead with the project.

Twenty years ago there were 41 people who lived in Walpack and by the next census the town may be abandoned.

Unlike the two other tiny towns in New Jersey with under two dozen people, Walpack doesn't have anything to hold the remaining residents there. Tavistock and Pine Valley are both golf courses with a few houses on them.

Tavistock was actually part of Haddonfield, which is a dry town. Years ago, they separated from the town so members could be served alcohol on the premises without violating the law. Some people relish small-town life, and this tiny corner of our state would be a perfect place for them.

Congratulations Walpack Township, New Jersey.

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