The cost-of-living crisis has hit every state and most families across the country.

Food and fuel have skyrocketed as the Democratic majority in Washington and in Trenton continue to ignore the root causes and look for sound bites instead of solutions.

From the burden of over-regulation to crushing taxes to panic peddling over the fuel that literally keeps our economy going, we're in trouble.

Instead of looking at reducing regulation, opening up oil and gas exploration and drilling, and lowering taxes, we're getting the "Inflation Reduction Act."

Dennis Malloy photo
Dennis Malloy photo

In the spirit of George Orwell, the "reduction" will cost you $740 billion and add 87,000 IRS agents to the government payroll.

Given the waning trust in government overall fueled by corruption, incompetence and the politicizing of our institutions, including the recent and unprecedented raid on former President Trump's home, you're right to be skeptical.

We heard the lies about "Russian collusion" and then learned about the government spying on a presidential campaign based on the lies.

We watched the fear-mongering and panic-peddling over Jan. 6 as Democrats desperately wanted the label of "insurrection" to stick. All, in my opinion, to militarize the government and keep people at a distance.

We heard parents upset about masks, discrimination and the sexualization of kids labeled by government leaders as "domestic terrorists", and now the NJEA, supported by the majority party, is calling for a list of parents who are standing up to their bullying.

Yes, this is very reminiscent of how fascist and communist tyrannies work to identify and suppress opposition.

We saw the cover-up in plain sight when it came to the outright dismissal of the Hillary email scandal and Hunter Biden's reported ties to foreign government payouts and influence peddling.

AP / Canva
AP / Canva

We saw the fires and violence that claimed lives and businesses in cities across America all excused in the name of social justice.

We watched leading Democrats call for protestors to get in the face of conservatives and Republicans while they "crossed a line" with angry rhetoric against Supreme Court Justices.

We lived through the disruption of our families and livelihoods while Democratic governors and their legislative shills perpetuated a lockdown long after there was any actual public health threat from COVID.

Now we're told that the problem, actually the enemy of our Republic, is the former president and a lack of IRS agents. C'mon. How are the Democrats able to even say it with a straight face?

One Democrat in New Jersey is not only saying it she's leading the charge to increase the reach of the IRS and increase the cost of our government. All leading to additional tax burdens for you and your family and an increased threat that YOU will be the next target of this overzealous government institution.

Mikie Sherrill abandoned her call to restore the SALT deduction and went along with Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden to support a bill that will do anything but reduce the cost of living. She is running for re-election to the House of Representatives this November.

Mikie Sherrill

Many see her as the likely Democratic nominee for governor in 2025. She's far left enough to appeal to the Democratic base and now she's showing her willingness to do what she's told by leadership. The 11th District includes Morris, Essex, Sussex and Passaic counties.

The good news is she has a tough opponent in former Prosecutor Paul DeGroot.

Paul joined me on the show to talk about Sherill's betrayal of her campaign promises and her complicit votes with the same Democrats who have now reversed just about all the progress our economy made under the former President's administration:

Another day, another bad decision from Congresswoman Sherrill. My opponent first campaigned for her seat on removing the SALT deduction cap, now she’s folding to an agenda that hurts the great people of our district. In a time when New Jerseyans are struggling from the grocery store to the gas station, the last things we need are higher taxes and 87,000 new IRS agents.

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