In-state financial aid for hundreds of New Jersey students without legal status could now be within reach, thanks to a new law Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy enacted Wednesday.

 The state's largest teachers union will cooperate with lawmakers set on holding public hearings into the labor organization's conduct. The hearings were requested by Senate President Steve Sweeney, a Democrat, after a conservative activist group Project Veritas released videos of union presidents in Hamilton and Union City describing how they defend teachers accused of wrongdoing — sometimes by unscrupulous means.

A major convenience store chain in New Jersey is in hot water over the temperature of its hot beverages. The parents of a 3-year-old girl who was severely burned last month are suing Wawa in federal District Court of New Jersey, claiming negligence by a store clerk in Monmouth County, and recklessness by the company for serving beverages that are too hot.

The woman accused of stranding a cable TV worker in his bucket truck said police and the man made the story up. Ridgewood Police said Elena Gerlihman, 59, reached into the truck and took the keys out during her argument with the Optimum worker on East Ridgewood Avenue.

This summer could be last in which smokers can light up on a public beach in New Jersey. The Senate Environment and Energy Committee voted Thursday to advance a bill that would impose fines, starting at $250, for smoking at public beaches, and it’s possible the statewide ban could take effect by early next year.

A South Jersey firefighter who was fired for a shoplifting misdemeanor has lost his latest effort to save his career. An appellate decision this week comes more than seven months after Ashton G. Funk, 34, of Northfield, was charged with stealing sunflower seeds, a breakfast sandwich, Gatorade and coffee. The total cost was $7.98.

Police had to forcibly remove a sleeping man from his car after it caught fire parked on a street on Saturday. The car was parked along West Lincoln Street when a woman called police after hearing a strange noise that led to smoke pouring out of the windows, according to Roselle Park police. The officers found the engine and compartment completely engulfed in flames and had to break the car's tinted windows to see if anyone was inside.

What a difference two months can make. Do you remember back in March when Lacey Township High School suspended two students because they went to a gun range off school grounds and on their own time? There was no threat whatsoever. It was simply a picture put on Snapchat of these two students enjoying their legal hobby with the caption "Fun day at the range." That was it. No scandal. No threat. No hit list. Off school property and off school hours.

If New Jersey legalizes marijuana, would past transgressions be forgiven? When asked at a press conference about issuing "wide-sweeping" pardons for those who have been convicted on "low-level" charges related to marijuana possession, Gov. Phil Murphy said he would consider it with an eye on correcting past social injustices.

Not everyone should worry about the Pagan motorcycle gang making moves here in New Jersey. Well, if you're a member of a rival gang, you should. These folks have a reputation for being ruthless and violent when it comes to competition. If you're a member of law enforcement, under current drug laws, your life might get a whole lot more dangerous, and that's unfortunate. As an advocate for decriminalizing all drugs, like they did in Portugal over 15 years ago, I have a question for you.