What a difference two months can make. Do you remember back in March when Lacey Township High School suspended two students because they went to a gun range off school grounds and on their own time? There was no threat whatsoever. It was simply a picture put on Snapchat of these two students enjoying their legal hobby with the caption "Fun day at the range." That was it. No scandal. No threat. No hit list. Off school property and off school hours.

Yet a family friend said they received a 5 day in-school suspension over this. Why? Because the overreaching, ridiculously broad policy said a suspension could be given to "any student who is reported to be in possession of a weapon of any type for any reason or purpose whether on or off school grounds."

After a huge uproar and threats of lawsuits based on constitutional grounds they revised their policy to this:

Students are forbidden to carry any type of weapon or simulated weapon to school. Strict disciplinary action and legal actions will result if this occurs. Any person who knowingly has in his possession any imitation firearm in or upon any part of the building... without the written authorization of the governing officer of the institution, or while on any school bus is a disorderly person."

Much better.

Now, a gun rights group is hosting free firearm safety training for the school's students, probably to the school's chagrin. The New Jersey Second Amendment Society says it's holding this session at a gun club (not school grounds) later this month. Its president spoke at a Lacey board of ed meeting recently and offered the class.

The free training day will be held May 20 at the Union Hill Gun Club where Bill Spadea recently appeared. It's on Union Hill Road in Monroe, Middlesex County and the session runs from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Registration is limited to 100 students.

"NJ2AS turned a negative into a positive without any litigation and/or waste of gun owner resources," touted the group's website. Well done gentlemen!

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