New Jersey is at the epicenter of a fight to stop the construction of hundreds of wind turbines off our coast. There are others planned up and down the east coast and not everyone is on board. Several politicians and environmental groups, including Clean Ocean Action of Long Branch, have been trying to halt the project for an investigation to see if it is causing the spike in whale and dolphin deaths in the past year.

The claim is that the ships doing the mapping of the ocean floor to locate and establish large concrete slabs to support the turbines is deafening the sea mammals. These ships use high-decibel sonar to do their work. The claim is that these sounds damage and disorient the whales and dolphins causing them to be out of their usual feeding grounds and then to get struck by large ships.

Right Whales Wind Power

The government and its scientists claim that there is no correlation between sea mammal deaths and these ships' activity. However, a new documentary claims to have proof that they do. “Thrown To The Wind,” by director and producer Jonah Markowitz, says it shows that the U.S. government officials have been lying.

The film shows that the wind industry’s increased boat traffic is correlated directly with specific whale deaths, according to its executive producer Michael Schellenberger.

It seems the government is getting caught in more and more lies lately, but not enough people with the power or influence seem to be able to do anything about it.

The sun sets behind a land-based wind farm in Atlantic City
The sun sets behind a land-based wind farm in Atlantic City (AP Photo/Wayne Parry)

The latest whale to wash up on our shores occurred earlier this month on August 12 in Long Branch.

It's become such a common occurrence in New Jersey. Hopefully, that won't stop people from sounding the alarm to at least TRULY investigate what is going on and if there is any wisdom in continuing the project.

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