It's no secret that here in New Jersey we are fanatics about bagels. And it's true, we have some damn good ones. Everyone has their go-to order, and likely even their go-to place. But if you're willing to branch out and try a different bagel shop, there's a newer one right in the heart of Central Jersey. Mikey Bagels located at 95 Saddle Way in Chesterfield, New Jersey, has become a hit for the locals. It's situated in a brand new shopping center that was built in the small farm town. According to their Facebook page, they are a local cafe that specializes in New York-style bagels. Boy, do they succeed.

Vicky Ng/Unsplash
Vicky Ng/Unsplash

One of the signature things I love about this place is how dense their bagels are. When you cut it in half you almost have to press down on it to make sure that it fits in the toaster, and that, for me, is how you know your bagel is about to be amazing. They have all the add-ons that you could imagine to top off your perfect bagel from homemade cream cheese to lox. (does anybody actually order lox on their bagel? Maybe I'm missing out.) My go-to at this place is the everything bagel with their homemade cream cheese. I know it sounds like the typical bagel order, but seriously it's amazing.

Healthy Organic Whole Grain Bagel

Don't just take my word for it, try this place out! You can even order online. I don't think of myself as necessarily a bagel connoisseur, but I do know that Mikey Bagels has become my number one bagel stop.

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