As if 2020 wasn't bad enough. 2021 starts with Giants fans being put in the disgusting position of having to root for an Eagles victory to get their team into the playoffs. There's something very unnatural about that. It upsets the football gods.

You don't make a deal with the devil because he will make you feel like your going to the playoffs with an early lead, then get inside the head of Eagles coach Doug Pederson and cause him to do something stupid like pull his quarterback in the third quarter.

Not like it takes the devil to cause Pederson to do something stupid but in this case, in a game, the birds could easily have won they insert Nate Sudfield, a guy who has no starting future with the team at all. He throws an interception and fumbles away a snap and the Eagles lose to Washington 20-14 sending the Football Team to the playoffs and the Giants home ( I can hear Charlie Daniels fiddling in my head while I write this).

You could call it the "Miracle of Lincoln Financial Field." The Eagles screwed the Giants and their fans and all we could do was watch helplessly. This game not only upset the football gods but Giants players as well.

Truth be told, the Eagles weren't too thrilled about it either. Former linebacker Seth Joyner on NBC Sports Philadelphia said, "I have never been more ashamed to be associated with the Philadelphia Eagles as I am tonight."

Here's Jason Kelce just last month on why winning should always be a priority in the NFL.

Pederson says he was trying to win the game. If he believes that he needs to be fired on the spot. As Mike Florio said on, "the Eagles lost a piece of their soul last night and it won't be easy to get it back."

Giants fans who were willing to sell their souls rooting for the Eagles to win should learn a very valuable lesson. You never ever, EVER root for the Eagles under any circumstances!

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