You all heard the story about the Neptune high school principal who acted like an idiot and threw his beer at some patrons in a restaurant after a transgender woman tried to use the ladies room at a bar in South Jersey. A woman on Reddit says she staged a "one woman protest” daily outside Neptune high school to make sure that this principal gets fired.

It’s very important to people that this man, who clearly overreacted and probably isn’t all that thrilled with transgender people, be fired. But they’re calling it assault and a hate crime.

According to an NBC 10 Philadelphia, Neptune’s superintendent and Board of Education are deciding the principal’s fate and investigating. And, of course, they will have no choice but to fire him or endure the wrath of the woke mob and the anger that will ensue. Sadly, he is being treated as a criminal when, at its core, this is a case of being punished for one’s opinion.

Picture this: Had the Principal been arguing with somebody about his love of Obama and the people he threw the beer at were Trump supporters, this issue may not even have been reported, no less investigated, and he would certainly not be in danger of losing his job and his career.

No one thinks what the beer chucker did was right. He acted like a moron. He apologized and said that he allowed his emotions to get in the way. But now, the talk is all about his actions being a hate crime because a transgender woman was THERE. Not harmed. Not bullied. Just at the scene. And then she was gone. And can’t even be located. And didn’t even have beer thrown at her!

Reading the story and watching the video will both show that this man’s outburst had nothing to do with a transgender person but everything to do with the people who were heckling him for his opinion.

According to the NBC10, the police say they're also looking into the incident but haven't identified any victims. Exactly. No victims. A verbal confrontation. A situation that escalated and a tossed beer. That’s what’s “assault” and a “hate crime” in 2021.

Gimme a break. The guy was 100% wrong. But he’s not a criminal.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Judi Franco. Any opinions expressed are Judi Franco’s own.

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