Here is what Deminski and Doyle are talking about on today’s show.

A Hopatcong woman tried to buy a cat for $500 before the seller tried scamming her out of $1,800 more. How much did you, or would you, pay for your pet?

A mother and son from Flemington barely escaped a car before it burst into flames this week. Have you ever had a near death experience?

A Newton cop is accused of pulling over drivers and exposing himself. If he gave you the choice, would you rather take a very expensive ticket or simply look at his private parts and go free?

In light of the legislative effort to officially recognize high school cheerleading as a sport, Jeff and Bill want to know what is and isn't a sport.

New Jersey may soon be the only state in the country with a full ban on self-serve gas as Oregon is poised to change its law. Does this make us look ridiculous?

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