Sometimes when you speak up, you actually get results - especially when you speak up after you've your team to a national men’s basketball championship.

Shabazz Napier #13 of the Connecticut Huskies celebrates during the NCAA Men's Final Four Semifinal against the Florida Gators at AT&T Stadium on April 5, 2014 in Arlington, Texas. (Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

On Tuesday, the NCAA's legislative council approved a proposal to expand meal allowances for all athletes. This comes on the heels of Connecticut guard Shabazz Napier complaining during the Final Four that he sometimes went to bed "starving" because he could not afford food.

The proposal would allow Division I schools to provide unlimited meals and snacks to all athletes, including walk-ons. The measure still must be approved by the board of directors, which will meet on April 24th.

Like I've said before, I think that the NCAA will be relaxing a bit on some of their rules. The possibility of unionizing combined with bad publicity like Napier’s hunger and the Jon Stewart Daily Show piece on April 10th leads me to believe this.