July 31st, also known as National Avocado Day, is just around the corner, and you know I am getting ready to celebrate.

Avocados are one of my favorite foods, as they provide healthy fats to a meal, have great texture, and are flat out delicious.

In preparation for this gorgeous fake holiday, I figured I would share some ideas for how to make the most out of the day. If you thought avocados could only be eaten a few ways, get ready for these different and uncommon ways to enjoy them.

Warning, you may want to have some avocados on hand before reading.

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    Avocados are easily stuffed, and the shell is a perfect structure so that it won’t fall apart. I like to put an egg inside of an avocado shell and then place into the oven until ready. You can add any seasonings you like for a perfect meal or snack.

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    Mayo Substitute

    A lot of times I cook for people who aren’t the biggest fans of mayo. Depending on the dish, avocado can easily be used instead. For example, if you are making some sort of spicy tuna, you can use an avocado instead without giving up that creamy consistency.

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    9 times out of 10 when prepping avocado, the first thing you do is remove it from its shell. Grilled avocados only require a slice down the middle, any seasoning of choice and then can be placed on a grill or pan until charred to your liking.

  • 4

    As fries

    This may not be the healthiest use of an avocado, but avocado fries are seriously delicious. All you have to do is grab an egg and your breadcrumb of choice and fry up the avocado in strips. This tastes delicious with any sort of dipping sauce, and is a unique side.

  • 5

    Ice cream

    I have always been skeptical of this, however, avocado combined with plenty of milk, sugar, cream and any other flavor creates a beautiful and creamy dessert that you will hardly remember isn’t actually ice cream.

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