As I write this we are in day three of what could have been an example of leadership, innovation and sound planning at New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission. Instead it’s day three of an epic failure.

Long lines, so terrible that people who got there long before doors even opened spent all day in the hot sun never even setting foot inside the building. Zero communication from MVC workers with those people stuck in hellish lines at many agencies. People so worried about their documents expiring they resort to camping out all night on the pavement in hopes of finally getting inside to transact business. Fights breaking out at multiple agencies with police called.

Jon Bramnick is appalled as well as much of the GOP and most of the motoring public. They had months during the shutdown to come up with a plan that worked and they didn’t. Murphy this week lamely told people to not camp out in parking lots. What would you have them do then Phil? Show up day after day in lines already too long and never get in? Are you forgetting some people have to show up at their jobs and work for a living and don’t have this kind of time to waste?

Back to the GOP.

They have a lot of good ideas on how to fix this, ideas the Murphy gang sure as hell isn’t coming up with. The best? State Sen. Anthony Bucco wants expiration dates to be extended for many months in light of the mobs. This 100% needs to happen to ease the crowds. If you’re showing up now because of some problem with your registration for which you’re worried will expire by summer’s end giving you until the end of the year will thin out these nightmarish throngs. ran an article with other ideas coming from Republicans and if Murphy doesn’t want an all-out mutiny on his hands he’d better damn well pay attention.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

Day 3 of Lines at MVC Offices