Murray Sabrin is a professor of Economics at Ramapo College for the past 29 years and now has made the decision to venture into the world of politics.

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Sabrin called in to the Dennis and Judi show today to announce that he is officially throwing his hat in the ring for the Republican nomination for the United States Senate seat to run against Cory Booker in the fall.

Murray Sabrin told Dennis and Judi that he spoke to party leaders and  "the response has been very positive. I think I'm the strongest candidate in the race, having run before." Sabin believes "we need major changes in Washington D.C. and I think I can be that change agent."

Judi brought up the point that we need a senator who is consistent with our state motto of  "Liberty and Prosperity," to which Sabrin agreed was very necessary.

You can listen to the entire interview with Murray Sabrin and Dennis and Judi below

You can learn more about Murray Sabrin and his candidacy by visiting his website,

Below is a recent interview where Sabin discussed the possibility of running for the Republican Senate nomination.