Electric vehicles are great. They are amazing pieces of technology and incredible innovations in the automotive industry. But like most things the government tries to cram down our throats the marketplace and consumer trends should drive the advancement. Murphy‘s latest "edict“ is to force electric cars even sooner than his original plan of 2035 who wants all car dealerships in New Jersey to only sell EVs.

Murphy expedited the Advanced Clean Cars II (ACCII) proposal with the Office of Administrative Law and will ramp up a requirement that all new vehicles sold in New Jersey be 100% electric by 2035. This totally bypasses the NJ Legislature and negates our voices through our elected representatives.

In adopting this policy during this year, the requirement kicks in with model year 2027. Sneaky and foolish. The state isn’t ready with enough electric chargers. The industry isn’t ready to provide enough electric cars and the consumers are not ready to spend that kind of money it takes to buy one.

An EV pickup truck owner in Ohio just got a $42,000 repair bill after a minor fender bender. 
We haven't even mentioned the fire safety hazard they all pose, whether charging in apartment buildings or condo buildings. Or the risk you run if one catches fire on the road.

They are very very difficult to extinguish and require specialized materials to put them out. Plus, the average EV is about 800 to 1000 pounds heavier than its combustion engine comparable model. If a regular Honda Civic is hit broadside by a Ford F150 EV that person has no chance of survival.

Phil Murphy

We haven’t even gotten to where all of the electricity is going to come from to charge these vehicles, even if we do get enough charging stations, which we won’t.

This kind of government overreach madness is driven by his power-hungry pursuit of more authority and political advancement.

Most of his policies, since he took office six years ago, have been a nightmare for hardworking, middle-class taxpayers and small business owners. But now he has his actions, especially this have elevated him to the status of madman.

It's after all not about the environment or "clean energy", the electricity to charge these vehicles is still coming from conventional energy and the resources it takes to mine and produce these things is an environmental nightmare.

This is nuts and makes no sense, but it doesn't have to. The emotionally driven zeal for the climate crazies does not run on pragmatic, common-sense-driven ideas. It's more like a religious movement. The faithful few will cheer his moves like this while the rest of us are pushed out of the debate by moves like this latest one.

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