If you thought the Governor was going to own up to his disastrous handling of last weeks storm, you were wrong.

Not only did the Governor call a Sunday press conference to blame forecasters and climate change for his incompetence, but then he called out the plows and the salt and brine trucks to idle through Sunday night in anticipation of today's forecast. Guess he wants you to know that he's ready THIS time.

Really Gov?

Calls were coming in all morning from contractors who were roused on Sunday night to stage for today's, well, fog and rain. That's right. Staging plow trucks and brining roadways for FOG. The cost is likely in the millions. But the real damage is going to happen over the next few years with New Jersyans being stuck with a man in charge who clearly has no idea how to manage the affairs of the state. And when he's called out on mistakes, instead of owning up and fixing the problem, he puts on a show with your money and brines the roads for fog. FOG!

Remember, Murphy is Governor because 3.5 million New Jersey voters skipped the election in 2017. Murphy won his election in 2017 by 282,938 votes. That means if ONLY 10% of those voters vote in the next election in 2021, we can #FixNJ #FirePhil.

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