It may not have been too shocking when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez blamed the wildfires in Canada on climate change to promote her New Green Deal Agenda.

But now our own power-hungry, higher office aspiring, pandering-to-all-fringe-groups governor made a statement today that proves he’s just as loony.

He basically said the wildfires are proof that we need to do something about the climate crisis.

He may or may not believe in it. After all, how is he going to get to his properties in Europe without using fossil-fueled jet planes?

A steamship or sailboat would take far too long. Plus, his $10 million mansion on the Navesink River couldn’t possibly be fully powered by solar panels. But it’s already election season and with the future of the current president uncertain, Murphy is one of those jockeying for position to put himself in the right place at the right time.

To win a Democratic primary he needs to be as loony as the far left of that party is. After making an announcement about people being careful during this smoky air quality crisis we're in, he tweeted out something about this being related to the climate crisis. If you read the tweets following his insane comments, it was refreshing to see that a lot of people pushed back on that notion forcefully.

When he made that statement this morning, telling people to avoid going outdoors, he was, of course, not at home. He, his staff, and all the reporters that came to hear the nonsense also came out of their homes.

Hypocrisy, hysteria, foolishness, pandering, fear-mongering, it was all there in a nice neat little press conference/Twitter package.

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