During his weekly Monday press briefing on COVID-19, Governor Murphy once again turned to divisive, partisan rhetoric in attacking those who dare disagree with his continuing exercises in government overreach.

He lashed out at those who protested his mask mandate for school children in the upcoming school year. He tried to control his anger Monday, refraining from his yelling and finger pointing of last week.

Perhaps he was annoyed by the demonstrators outside his palatial riverfront Middletown mansion, a tactic I disagree with. He won't give access to people who disagree with him, so they took their message to his front yard out of frustration with his tyrannical governance.

He vilified people as "anti-maskers," like he does with "anti-vaxxers," a move designed to make people who oppose mandatory actions appear lesser or "other," to coin a progressive buzzword.

These are people who just want to protect their children in the way they see fit, without the heavy hand of government forcing them to do something they feel does more harm than good. He accused people who oppose masking kids as those who would sacrifice children for the sake of their argument.

Their argument, Mr. Murphy, is that you have no right to circumvent the Bill Of Rights and peoples free will and autonomy over their own bodies and that of their children. He admitted on national TV last year that The Bill Of Rights was above his paygrade.

He does not want to answer to the people. Murphy and most other governors in this state answer to the powerful public unions, namely the NJEA. They put him in power. They are the biggest contributors to the party of big government and that's why we're stuck in the situation we are in.

President Franklin Roosevelt and George Meaney, the legendary leader of the AFLCIO, long ago said it was a bad idea for government workers to unionize.

The tree of their fears has been bearing fruit for decades now, especially here in New Jersey. When you have large blocks of employees that favor the party of bigger government, you take away the voice of individuals and the majority of the people our elected officials are supposed to represent.

So, what you have is people like Murphy, dependent on the votes and support of very powerful public unions doing the will of those entities instead of regular citizens. So, his tirade Monday was just him taking his marching orders from the all-powerful NJEA, and not about medical science or concern for your children.

His concern is the major support he gets from these powerful unions for his upcoming election. Period, full stop, to borrow one of his stupid catchphrases.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis Malloy's own.

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