On another nauseating appearance on national TV, King Murphy says we NEED "pain at the pump" to defeat Putin.

How insulting, disgusting and misleading.

Gas prices were going up before Putin attacked Ukraine two weeks ago. He doesn't realize that no matter how much the Russian people suffer, it will have no effect on Mr. Putin. He doesn't care about his people and their economy being crippled.

Russia will find willing customers in China and India for his oil.

Crude oil and gas prices are up because production is down, especially in our country. We were a net exporter of oil in the previous administration and now we import it from bad actors like Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia.

In the first week in office, the Biden administration canceled the Keystone Pipeline coming from Canada and put a pause on any drilling leases on public land.

Diesel Price 5 Dollars a Gallon
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If we were energy independent, we wouldn't have to depend on any foreign actors, good or bad, to keep our energy costs low. Even the chief executive of Tesla, who makes a fortune on electric cars, says we should produce more energy here.

You can't make this stuff up.

People like Murphy and the other acolytes of the climate change agenda seem to be blinded to the truth in their commitment to the cause of climate change. This isn't about paying more at the pump. They don't care about the public. They care about their climate change agenda. It's their religion, and it's total nonsense.

California, which is promoting the use of electric cars and making it more difficult to buy combustion engine vehicles, experienced rolling blackouts last summer. There will likely be more this year. So where do you get the energy for your EV if there's no reliable electricity?

It makes as much sense as getting 72 virgins if you martyr yourself in killing your enemy. It's a religion to these people and nothing will stop them unless, of course, you stop voting for these morons. History will judge this period as the most silly, unwise, emotionally driven era on nonsense in the history of mankind.

Of all of the blame that can be assigned to the evil Vladimir Putin, and there's plenty, the cost of our energy is not one of them. The state trooper who fills up the governor's giant SUV or whoever else drives him around may notice the price of filling the tank, but the governor doesn't know and doesn't care.

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