The Governor in his failed attempt to be relevant in the Trenton power battle used his Line Item Veto power to cut $48 million from the Sweeney/Norcross budget. Of course that's a tiny amount when compared to the overall budget, which is nearly $39 billion.

Just for comparison, the state of Pennsylvania, where more and more NJ exit plans are targeted, the budget just agreed to between legislative Republicans and the far-left Governor is about $34 billion. And PA has nearly 13 million people compared to less than 9 million in NJ. And if you have relatives there, or if you already relocated for lower taxes, you know the schools are just as good as NJ.

So here we are in NJ, the Democrats in charge with seven feckless GOP Senators providing cover for their massive increase in spending, which includes $3.1 MILLION TO PROVIDE LEGAL AID TO ILLEGAL ALIENS WHILE CUTTING MILLIONS FROM LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICTS.

Sadly, seven Republican Senators gave Sweeney cover and the ability to call the fiasco a 'bi-partisan victory'. Declan O'Scanlon (also championed the gas tax), Tom Kean Jr. (who wants you to send him to the US Congress), Kip Bateman, Kristin Corrado, Sam Thompson, Bob Singer and Joe Pennacchio should all be ashamed of the vote for a huge spending bill with no tax relief, no accountability and politically motivated spending for the connected elites.

Here's the good news: Assembly Minority leader Jon Bramnick rallied his 24 members in the lower chamber and the opposition party did the right thing and pushed back with every member voting 'NO'.

Joining me on air Monday was the GOP party leader, Doug Steinhardt who is using this as a jump off point to fight back against the elite Trenton insiders who do not speak for us. He did point out that it would be nice if the GOP members would drafter their own budget to show the voters what a GOP majority in the Assembly would fight for.

I will be here to give them ideas. I've proposed billions in cuts that could be made and how to provide actual property tax relief. So let's see if Doug can motivate the remaining six GOP Senators who didn't sell you out and the 24 members of the Assembly into a serious opposition to the reckless spending and onerous taxes coming to you from the Trenton elite insiders.

There's an election coming up THIS NOVEMBER. Stay tuned...

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