On March 24th, 2019, a 45-year-old woman was discovered raped and murdered in Lincoln Park in Jersey City. Less than a year later, a man who was in our country illegally confessed to the brutal crime.

The victim's name is Carolina Cano. She was reportedly from Peru working in the US legally. We'll never know the impact of her death on relatives back home. We'll never truly know the relationship she had with the family she was working with her in the States. We'll never truly know the impact on her roommates. We'll never know how much she suffered in her final moments as she was brutally assaulted and then strangled to death. What went through her mind as her consciousness was being ripped away from strangulation?

Imagine the pain and horror of one minute being out on an an early morning run and then going through the agony of being raped and strangled. As a father, husband and human being it's a thought that is hard to wrap my head around.

Carolina's life was snuffed out by the lowest of the low. A bottom feeder who had been deported from the US twice before re-entering again illegally. The timing of the murder is one that should be planted in your mind and serve as your call to action. March 24th. 2019. That's nine days after Attorney General Gurbir Grewal put his "Sanctuary State" policy into effect. Nine days after the politically driven, self-described progressive, handcuffed Law Enforcement in New Jersey preventing them from working with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Nine days after corrections and others in the justice system serving New Jersey would be forced to let some of the worst offenders back on our streets to terrorize our communities.

The so-called "Immigration and Trust Directive" serves as a political statement by this agenda-driven and morally corrupt AG as a signal to the illegal community that he and the Governor have their backs. And that agenda comes at the expense of public safety and the safety of our LEOs.

When Kim Guadagno raised the prospect of how dangerous sanctuary state policies could be, she was attacked as a racist. This was after her ad 'Sanctuary' linked Murphy's policy to a child rapist here illegally murdered three black children. Emboldened by the prospect of dismissing opponents as racist and having the complicit media carry the message, Murphy was swept into office and began in earnest to implement the policy.

Although the Governor gave the green light, the real threat to public safety is the man in charge of implementing Sanctuary State policy and punishing those in Law Enforcement who push back. Attorney General Gurbir Grewal.

Grewal is the man responsible for putting up roadblocks preventing ICE from getting the job done and finding and deporting criminal aliens. Grewal is the one who has put himself above the law to fight the Trump Administration and local cops who simply want to follow the lessons of 9/11 and improve communication across Law Enforcement agencies. And it is Gurbir Grewal's hands which are figuratively covered in the blood of one more innocent victim of a reckless and dangerous policy providing sanctuary to violent and suspected violent criminals.

Imagine if Grewal was prevented from interfering in the lawful activities of ICE? Imagine if Carolina's killer had been caught during a targeted enforcement operation and detained as he should have been? If Gurbir Grewal were a man of integrity and could put aside his personal ambition and radical agenda for the good of public safety, Carolina may have been on her way to work that day instead of headed to the morgue.

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Hoping that the US Attorney is investigating the malfeasance of AG Grewal. Hoping that Grewal will be held legally accountable for the terror his policies are causing in our cities and towns. What's most disturbing is that the AG talks about building trust with immigrants, but when you talk to people here legally, and some who are actually undocumented, the so called dreamers brought here as kids, they are the ones paying the price for Grewal's recklessness.

Fear is high in the local communities. These criminal aliens are posing the highest danger in the very communities Grewal pretends to support. Carolina was an immigrant herself. One that did it the right way and was working hard to support herself. Now she is dead.

Gurbir Grewal is a fake and a fraud and should be removed and prosecuted as an accessory in Carolina's murder. Hey Gurbir, we're gonna keep reminding you until all you can think about is the life that was snuffed out as a result of your anti-law enforcement actions.

Call Gurbir Grewal today, tomorrow and the next day.

Office of The Attorney General
Main Number: 609-292-4925

Citizen Services: 609-984-5828

Press/Communications: 609-292-4791

Tell him her name is Carolina Cano. #SpeakForCarolina

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