Many people don’t even remember that Muhammad Ali had an association with New Jersey but he very definitely did when he moved his family to Cherry Hill around January 1971, after relocating to the area from Chicago.

First, friends of his convinced him to move to Philly and he fell in love with the city. “Philadelphia was a good town.” He told the magazine. “I wanted to get out of Chicago because I was in New York twice a week and I found myself living in airplanes, which I hate. New York was too busy. And Newark and Trenton, I looked in those places, but there was nothing I liked. So I stayed with Philly."

But when his fame (and his family) grew, he decided to look for larger quarters. With his $2.5 million payday from his first Joe Frazier bout, he headed for Cherry Hill. It is said that when Ali lived there, a person could just knock on his door and he would answer and sign autographs. Now, the house is up for sale. It’s hard to describe its magnificence in words, At one time a few years ago before the market got hot again, you could’ve snatched it up for a paltry $700,000. Now, you’d have to cough up three million. But boy, is it worth it.

Among its many amenities are a magnificent pool and patio, tennis court, shuffleboard court, hot tub, basketball court, gorgeous floating staircase, five car garage, and at nearly 7000 square feet, it’s simply sprawling. There’s a unique outdoor living room with multiple level decks, a workout room, beautiful gardens, and much more.

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