Well here’s one you don’t see every day. All according to court documents and NJ.com, some guy from Utah was making a supplement from his house he called Mr. Richard Rocks and selling it via e-commerce.

The problem? This so-called supplement which authorities say Zeng claimed would better your cholesterol, lower your blood sugar, improve your mood and, oh yeah, serve as an erectile dysfunction treatment, secretly contained sildenafil. That’s the drug more commonly known as Viagra.

Why was that a big deal? I’d have to guess because you need a prescription from a doctor for sildenafil. Also, it’s a drug that can dangerously lower your blood pressure if you’re on certain other medications according to the NCBI.

A statement from the United States Attorney’s Office for New Jersey says Zeng appeared in federal court here Tuesday and pleaded guilty to one count of introducing a misbranded drug into interstate commerce with intent to defraud/mislead consumers.

Well gee Zeng, yeah I guess your supplement could help with erectile dysfunction if you’re going to hide Viagra in there. But to not disclose that could have killed people. This is the best you could do with your life at 55 years of age? And could you have come up with a worse name for your so-called supplement than Mr. Richard Rocks?

Officials say Zeng was getting the sildenafil from China. His sentencing is August 26. He stands to get as much as three years in prison. Hardly seems enough considering the danger he put some people in.

I wonder if he’ll be given that cute Mr. Richard Rocks nickname by someone bigger than him in prison.

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