We have shown you the deadliest roads in New Jersey according to Money Geek.

That doesn't mean there aren't many other dangerous roads as well.

Of course, there's no more dangerous road in New Jersey than the one you're slipping on or may have crashed on. But when you have as many drivers as we do in New Jersey, all trying to get to where they have to go as quickly as possible, there are bound to be many more dangerous roads.

Along with the volume, some of what makes these roads so dangerous could be the eternal construction that is being done on them. New Jersey is going to be a great state when they finish it. Another thing that can make these roads dangerous could be potholes, especially now with the seasons changing and the snow has melted.

Bob Williams covers New Jersey Traffic North for New Jersey 101.5. I asked him for the three most dangerous roads he covers:

"Although there are several, Route 22 continues to be the most dangerous. Especially between I-287 and Newark Airport. Center median shopping between Springfield and the Parkway and poor sightlines and inadequate entrance and exit ramps in Union Hillside and Newark."

"Same situation on route 1/9 from Woodbridge to Newark. Dangerous entrance and exits."

"The parkway is especially dangerous between the Turnpike in Woodbridge to the Essex tolls. There is currently an extremely dangerous construction zone and lane split in both ways near exit 140 in Union. There have been accidents there daily since the zone went into place last year."

Bob has also written a post about the Top 10 worst traffic merge points in New Jersey, which is very helpful.

Another dangerous road Williams points out is Routes 1&9 Linden to Newark Airport "due to the sightlines and obsolete design."

Jill Myra covers New Jersey Traffic South and her most dangerous roads would be the New Jersey Turnpike, Route 295, and the 42 Freeway. Having driven those roads for years, I can tell you she's exactly right. Many times I've flown down 295 only to hit stopped or drastically slowed traffic for no apparent reason.

Here are some roads which were chosen by my social media following:

Lynn Miller
Jamesburg at the intersection of Half Acre Road and Gatzmer, East Railroad, West Railroad, and Lincoln Avenues. It's a free-for-all as nobody knows what to do. Lots of defensive driving measures are a must.

Cindy Zwicker
Crossing over Route 37 coming from Lakehurst Road in Toms River

Steven Vanaman
Anywhere on West Jersey Avenue in Egg Harbor Township. At least one accident every day. I was on one of those days.

Gino Formaroli
Listed as the most dangerous intersection in the nation, not just Jersey — route 129 and Lalor Street in South Trenton. The numbers are staggering.

Scott Boland
Millstone in Monmouth County, there’s a five-point intersection referred to as Scooters Corner. Stage Coach Road and Millstone Road cross with Paint Island Spring Road. Intersecting between the two.

Jill Zutty
202 Traffic Circle In Somerville

Richard Nashmy
The intersection at Route 37 & 166 in Toms River. North, South, East and West. The Worst ever. Too much confusion plus the timing of the traffic lights are horrible.

Rose Marie DeLorenzo Sinisi
Route 22 in Union

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