Over the summer, an emergency call came in that a worker had been electrocuted while working on renovations at a building in Morristown.

Police arrived to find a man unresponsive and tangled up in a ladder placed against electrical wires. The coworkers were able to disconnect the power as seven officers went to work.

Morristown Bureau of Police (Photo: Morristown Bureau of Police Facebook Page)
Morristown Bureau of Police (Photo: Morristown Bureau of Police Facebook Page)

They cleared the victim and began with life-saving efforts. In relatively short order the officers were able to get the victim's pulse and breathing restored.

For today's #BlueFriday we're going to echo the sentiments of the Morristown Housing Authority, which held an event to honor the officers by naming these seven heroes our honorees for this week.

Please keep these Morristown police officers in your prayers as they continue to protect and serve our community: Kenneth Frohnapfel, Morgan Pfeil, Bruce LaFera, Paramvir Singh, Richard Rispoli, Emmanuel Margaronis and Sergeant Brian LaBarre.

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