I believe this is the third time we’ve done this, and since the first time was March of 2017 this is getting close to an annual tradition. Listeners were invited to call in on Tuesday’s show with words they invented. Yes, not real words at all but words they made up. You’d be surprised how many people do this. Silly things, creative portmanteaus, a secret language that happens among family or a small circle of friends.

Perhaps one day we’ll make an entire dictionary of these. For now, here are just some that were offered.

This is a made-up word from a made-up word. Cankles are ankles on an overweight person where they don’t thin out into normal, thinner ankles but remain just as broad as the calf all the way through the ankle. Skankles are cankles so nasty they’ve moved into skank territory.

“Oh my god, look at the skankles on that behemoth.”

This combines hand sanitizer into one handy word.

“Use some hanitizer after touching those skankles!”

This is when, often through drinking, a catastrophe happens due to someone being a jackass.

“And then Tony decided to squirt lighter fluid in the oven and bam, a jackasstrophe.”

When you’re such good friends with someone that your kids and their kids are as close as cousins but aren’t actual blood cousins.

“Fake aunt Mary is coming over and you can play with your frousins.”

When you’re so exhausted that you’re dog-tired, you are dogshausted.

“I am dogshausted from trying to figure out how my frousin is not my cousin if I call his mom Aunt Mary.”

When you’re more satisfied with an outcome than you expected you’d be and you’re really happy, you are happisfied.

“I left a Yelp review on how happisfied I was.”

Acronym for...Do I look like I give a f@&$

“So she’s goin’ out with someone new. Let me ask you a question. Dilligaf?”

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