It all started Friday morning when I was at the ATM. For some reason I started thinking of all the slang terms for money over the years, from scratch to skrilla to cheddar. Then out of nowhere I thought...flow. It's my new mission to make 'flow' the new hip slang for money. Nevermind that it would be the first time in history a middle-aged white guy was responsible for the birth of some street slang, (and nevermind that a listener is trying to rain on my parade by emailing me to say years ago for a brief time there already was this slang term for money) I persist.

This whole silly thing got us talking about people who have outright invented a word. They usually only catch on within a family or a small circle of friends, but we asked listeners to share theirs. Here's what some came up with.


Called in by Frank, this is when you have to sign for a package on one of those electronic tablets and they don't have a stylus available so you have to use your finger.


Teon had this one. When he asks his kids for a volunteer to do a chore and no one offers, he picks one and tells them, "You've been voluntold." It's forced volunteerism.


Steve used to work in a store and he and his co-workers used to get sick of customers asking where things were. Ronsay was their made up word for a fake product. "It's down aisle 3 on the left right next to the Ronsay."


Kasey's word for hair half up and the rest hanging down like a ponytail.


Mike's word instead of exit. It complements entrance by calling the exit the outrance.


Beverly's word to replace forgetfulness. "I'm sick of your forgetitation!"


David's word for when a napkin gets moistened by the bottle of beer resting on it until it gets picked up along with the bottle.


Stan had this one. He says it's like Padiddle when you were a kid on a car trip, except a Padummo is when an idiot doesn't turn his headlights on in wet weather, he's a 'Padummo.'


Heather has been telling people with cleft chins they have a chindent her whole life. "I can't stand that stupid Ben Affleck and his damn chindent!"


Noelle's word for a sparkling piece of impressive jewelry or the way to describe someone wearing it. Basically it replaces 'bling'.


Holly says this is when you open a closet door in which you have stuffed such a huge pile of clothes and other things that finally it all comes spilling out. It's an avalanche of crap, or a 'crapolanche.'