On Wednesday another two whales washed up just off the beach of Seaside Park
as another one washed up the same morning in Brigantine.

That would make around 14 whales and at least half a dozen dolphins washing up dead, or barely alive on Jersey shores in the last two months.

People who know the ocean and its marine life, like commercial fishermen at the Jersey Shore, who see it all when they’re out there, this is in their minds no doubt the results of the construction of the wind turbines.

Heavy equipment pounding the ocean floors mapping the sites for the concrete bases that will hold the wind turbine towers deafening and disorienting marine mammals who use sonar to survive.

Whale floating off L Street in Seaside Park 3/1/23 (Trisha DeVoe)
Whale floating off L Street in Seaside Park 3/1/23 (Trisha DeVoe)

So Gov. Murphy says the "experts" claim these deaths are unrelated to the offshore wind project and that’s good enough for the press. What “experts“ is he relying on? Are they bought and paid for by the same lobbyist and donors and investors who are backing this project?

It seemed to catch the attention of the mainstream media in January when an extraordinary number of whales were turning up dead off the Jersey and New York coasts.

Once the concerned parties started bringing up the fact that it could be the wind turbines being planted offshore, that’s when the media, in their usual fashion, took a side. They’re on the side of big government and they’re on the side of the climate change religion. The fact that any kind of interruption in the green energy movement is unacceptable to the corporate media and mainstream press.

Dolphin that washed up on a beach in Avalon 2/27/23
Dolphin that washed up on a beach in Avalon 2/27/23 (Marine Mammal Stranding Center)

Gone are the days when the media was curious. Curious about the truth. Only now they’re curious to find perspectives that will bolster the position that they agree with.

Isn’t it at least worth the effort to pause the project while the “experts“ (if you can find any unbiased ones), can come to some sort of conclusion as to what is doing this to the marine mammals off the Jersey shore?

Apparently not in King Murphy’s mind. Let’s see if continued pressure from local politicians or the continuous parade of dead, marine mammals will change his mind.

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